Michigan Yorkie Meetup Group

Join us for our Small Dog Meetup Play Group
Michigan Yorkie Small Dog Meetup Group

This is a social meet up group for all yorkie & small dog breeds and  their owners in Michigan. All small dog breeds and owners are welcome. If you would like to Join us for a monthly dog gathering you can Join our group on facebook to get meetup details, dates and times. We meet at least once a month, to allow our dogs to socialize and play in an off-leash environment. Playtime will last about 2+ hours at varying locations depending on who is willing to host a gathering. If you would like to join us for a pot-luck party style gathering we would love to have you! My goal is to connect owners together with other  owners to chat, hang out and get to know each other and our group and your dogs time to socialize with other dogs. Anyone interested in hosting a yorkie meet up at their home please let me know. I am always looking for anyone who is willing to open their homes/yards to a bunch of small dogs and their owners.
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Michigan Yorkie Meetup Club

  Our meetups are always potluck style gatherings with lots of conversation, games, crafts & meeting new friends. All are welcome! If you ever have a question do not hesitate to message or call me.
Michigan Yorkie Meetup Club
 *All we ask is that the dogs are up to date on their immunizations, and if it's held indoors that the boys wear belly bands/girls were puppy panties to avoid accidents! As a member of this meet up, you must adhere to the following safety precautions:
-Please make sure your Yorkie is up to date on his/her vaccinations.
-Please make sure your Yorkie is healthy enough to attend a meet up.
-Please do not bring small children to the meet up. Yorkies are very fragile.
-If you bring an older child, please advise him/her NOT to pick up any Yorkies.
-If this is the first time your Yorkie is meeting other dogs in an off-leash environment, please bring a leash to gradually introduce your Yorkie to the other dogs.
-Yorkies must play at their own risk under the supervision of their owner(s). Owner's assume all responsibility and liability for their dog(s).
-Members of this meet up reserve the right to vote out any aggressive Yorkies that bites, injures and/or bullies another Yorkie. (Growling and some dominant behavior is normal.)
-No puppies younger than 8 weeks are allowed and must be vaccinated. -Anyone Living in Michigan can be a part of the yorkie gatherings.
Thanks so much I look forward to meeting everyone! Tanisha Breton Yorkie Owner For more information about these meet ups or if you have any questions, please contact Tanisha Breton at tanishabreton@aol.com