Puppy Adoption Application

Puppy Adoption Application
We take our responsibility to find the perfect home for each of our teacup Yorkie puppies seriously and
will work hard to ensure they are placed in wonderful forever homes.

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Families seeking to adopt one of our puppies must fill out our adoption application. Once approved, we will email
you a copy of our Health Guarantee, purchase agreement and spay/neuter contract. Please sign, date and return this
document your puppy will not be reserved for you until this is done.You may either, email, mail, fax or hand return this
contract to us in person. Email address: TanishaBreton@aol.com or tanishambreton@gmail.com

  Complete the Attached Adoption Questionnaire
To Begin Our Adoption Process
Please understand why we ask so many questions and really want to get to know you as should get to know us. I pride myself in
being the expert in matching puppies and people and it shows from the incredible references we have. By getting to know you and
your family, the way your household is run, your lifestyle, etc., I am better equipped to place the right puppy with you and your family.
It is my job to get to know each puppy and their personality. When a client asks me that he or she wants a puppy whose disposition
is quiet and calm, I can assure them just which puppy in the litter has those qualities. Getting to know our puppies on every level
makes your decision process a little more easily. A puppy isn't picked just for his or her physical appearance; many factors go into
your decision process. We always encourage you to stay as long as you'd like and visit us as well as our puppies so that you can make
a very good decision for you and/or your family members! After all, your puppy will be with you for a very long time! 
Adding a yorkie to your family is a serious decision to make. Yorkies take a lot of time and energy. It also is a big financial commitment.
Food, toys and medical care costs can add up. Please consider all of these factors and talk about adding a dog with all members of your family.
If you feel you are ready, please fill out an adoption application on our website. Be sure to call your vet and give him permission to release
information to us. We are very focused on matching our kiddos with potential owners. Successful placement is due, in part, to our adoption
application process. This process helps us determine that all puppies and foundation stock are placed in appropriate, responsible, and
permanent homes.

We are only interested in people who will love and care for our pups they way that we take care for ours...

with sincere love, affection and true devotion! Please copy and paste this into an email or a Word Document and address it to

TanishaBreton@aol.com.  When emailing your adoption application to me please put Adoption Questionnaire in the subject line!

I will contact you personally to clarify any questions and to notify you of your application status. If possible, schedule a special time
for you to visit us in person. If distance is an obstacle, but you have family / friends in our area, we welcome their visit as your agent.
If a personal visit is simply out of the question, we will make arrangements for you to get to know us better. When approved,
applicants may choose a puppy currently available or be placed on our waiting list, sign the adoption contract, and pay a deposit.
Follow-up calls and emails will include information to ensure success of the relationship such as puppy care guides, receipts of payments
made toward the puppy and to provide early intervention and assistance for any difficulties that may arise once the puppy is placed.
 Click on the Yorkie adopt me for our Adoption Application Word Document that can be easily edited and copied and pasted into a email.
Thank you for taking the time to help us make a successful adoption.
Priceless Yorkie Puppy,
Nov 5, 2012, 11:29 PM