Photobucket Puppy Delivery and Shipping Policy
Most of our puppy buyers fly in to pick up their new baby in person or we hand deliver our puppies via a in cabin flight. Sorry we unfortunately never ever ship our babies via cargo or by someone we do not personally know but we will consider doing a hand delivery of our puppies at buyers expense via a in cabin flight with our puppy on our lap only.~ It just doesn't make sense to put this much love , care or effort into raising the BEST of the BEST to risk their health or well being by sending them to someone that we've never met or jeopardize their safety.

*No reputable breeder allows a buyer to click and buy a puppy online. Only puppy mills who do not want puppy buyers to see the living conditions of the puppy they are considering buying or the conditions of the parents or quality. We hear dozens of horror stories and scams from customers that learned the hard way the first time around. Besides, what if you order a YORKIE and they send you a mix breed pup from thousands of miles away? or worse yet a scared, timid, abused, unsocialized puppy mill puppy. 
The love and care that goes into our babies is 
PRICELESS! Any GOOD BREEDER knows that an ounce of prevention is well worth a pound of cure.  It is not LUCK that we have the healthiest, cutest, most beautiful tiny baby doll faced Yorkie pups is simply the pursuit of excellence and HARD WORK. We feel you should  NEVER EVER buy a puppy from someone who claims to be a "reputable breeder" who is willing to ship  a dog without first meeting you. If someone is willing to put their puppies in a home with anyone who has the right amount of money then they are NOT reputable. This should be a red flag. Shipping is too strenuous on these little dogs and not everyone is the perfect home for a Yorkie. We as breeders  need to meet with you and you need to meet with us to make sure that you are the right home for one of our Yorkie puppies and for you to make sure we are the right breeder to get your puppy from. 
We stand firmly behind our lifetime commitment to all of new puppy families and hope to establish a life long bond with our puppies new owners.