Helpful Tips on Your New Puppy

Helpful Tips on Your New Yorkie Puppy

 Helpful Tips on Your New Yorkie Puppy


This is such an exciting time for you and your new puppy. Here is some information you may find helpful as you take on this lifetime commitment...

1. Vaccinations

2. At all times, keep freshwater & food available.

3. Keep your puppy Nurti-cal ½ tsp 3x, a day.

4. Buy a small crate or have a secure area where your puppy can sleep.

5. Have a playpen or baby pen for your pup to play in especially if you are not right there to supervise. Puppies can get into trouble quickly when not supervised. Always lay down puppy pee pads within this area.

6. Puppy proofs your house if possible.

7. Paper training

8. Never, ever leave your puppy on a couch or chair alone or unattended. They will jump or fall off; potentially causing fractures to their little bones or even worse hitting their head and getting a head/brain injury.

9. For a few weeks, limit your puppy's playtime with people or other animals. They expend lots of energy and could have hypoglycemia.

10. If you have a large dog or small children monitor their interaction, as your baby may become injured.

11. If you take your puppy for a ride in the car, bring along their crate and strap it in or purchase a riding seat for your pup. They are available online or at almost any dog/animal supply store.

12. Never leave your puppy outside unattended. Yorkies can be prey for hawks, wolves, and other wild animals or neighboring dogs.

13. Yorkies tend to get feces stuck in their hair around the anus.

14. Groom your puppy from day one.

 Remember Yorkies are a lifelong commitment and what you put into your puppy you will receive back in unconditional love and a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. There is no other dog like a Yorkie! In addition, as the saying goes you can never have just one!