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Getting Your New Puppy Home 

 There are several ways you are able to get your new Yorkie puppy safely into your arms safely. To ensure a healthy and happy puppy, most pups are allowed to leave my home after 12 weeks old. Our promise here at Priceless Yorkie Puppy we will make sure your puppy arrives safe, healthy, and as quickly as possible. 

Meet-up or Delivery  

We are more than happy to meet up with the new family. Meeting up can be done in the Jackson area or up to 2 hours from my home. If you live less than 4 hours from my home (8 hrs roundtrip), We are willing to personally take your puppy all the way to your door or to your city if it is more convenient for an additional fee. Taking a puppy to you is $350, this covers gas, our time, and all expenses. We will purchase a pet carrier for transport for an additional fee of $50 which will be delivered with your puppy.

Flying In For Pickup 

Most of my adoptive families fly in to pick up their new baby in person. You can come to my home in Jackson, Michigan or I can meet you at the Detroit Metro Airport an hour from my home. You can bring a pet carrier with you or I can purchase a Sherpa pet carrier for transport for an additional fee of $50 which will be delivered with your puppy.

In-flight Delivery 

I can hand deliver my puppies via an in-cabin flight to their new home at the buyer's expense for the flight, pet in-cabin charge of $150, health certificate if the buyer requests $60, Sherpa pet carrier $50, and Nanny service $350 for compensation for my time for delivery, which covers airport parking, gas to and from the airport, travel expenses and food while traveling. 

Courier In Cabin Transport

I do have a personal courier in the rare event I cannot deliver my puppy myself. I do not allow a buyer to use their own courier or ship my puppies via cargo. I do send my puppies with someone I do not personally know. It just doesn't make sense to put this much love, care, or effort into raising the BEST of the BEST puppies to risk the health and well-being of sending my puppies with someone that I've never met or jeopardize their safety by shipping my puppy in the cargo hold. I stand firmly behind my lifetime commitment to all of my new puppy families and hope to establish a lifelong bond with our puppy's new owners.  I will confirm your puppy's travel plans a couple of days before his or her scheduled flight. My puppies are vet-checked prior to leaving and issued a health certificate upon request my veterinarian signs off on all of my health exams.